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How many fellow business owners do you know? How would you like to help protect them and make money at the same time!

All you have to do is send a link to your referral and once they click it you will get a 30-day cookie set so if they signup within those 30 days you get the credit for the sale!

What are you waiting for? Make passive income for simply sending your fellow business owners. You can also market it however you see fit as long as you follow our affiliate terms.

AccessEqual ADA Plugin Affiliate Program
AccessEqual ADA Plugin Affiliate Program - Make recurring income simply by helping fellow business owners!

How it works

You will receive 5% of the cost your referral pays. After you refer 20 clients you will get bumped up to the highest affiliate tier and receive 10% of anyone you refer past that point.

Payments will go out 90 days past the payment date of the referral. There are no costs to you as the affiliate. 

You profit from referring sales

How your profit from each referral. It will add up quickly!

You start out at 5% of each referral.

After you refer 20 signed-up referrals you move to 10%.

You try to find a better percentage share with any other affiliate program out there!

Have Questions or want to get started with the Affiliate Program?

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    Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

    • There is no cost to join the affiliate program.
    • Affiliate Payments will go out 90 days post payment post from the referral.
      • You will receive reports of your referrals with your payment.
      • Once paid, payments will never be requested or pulled back.
    • To receive a referral you must send them to AccessEqual via your affiliate link.
    • Once you send them via your affiliate link a 30-day cookie is set. So your referral is protected for 30 days!
    • We reserve the right to cancel any affiliate at any time for any reason.
    • We reserve the right to decide if a referral is awarded.