About AccessEqual

AccessEqual is an ATBS Product line and started with a passion to help people with disabilities access and use the internet with ease. For far too long our fellow humans with disabilities have been left behind when it comes to using the internet while people without disabilities enjoy the full power of the internet.

ATBS has been working with businesses for over 20 years in providing websites, online solutions, and marketing. We know what it takes to build the best ADA plugin solution.

We built AccessEqual’s ADA plugin to fill the gap in today’s disability access to the internet. We have seen the internet grow, websites get more accessible but leave the disabled market behind. With AccessEqual we bridge that gap!

Are you ADA Compliant?

We have helped thousands of businesses learn to support our disabled fellow humans. We know business owners and employees have a job to do and that job is not building an ADA accessibility plugin. We did that and make it beyond simple to install. If you can cut and paste then you can install AccessEqual ADA plugin. Heard enough, want to get started and start empowering your disabled website visitors?

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