AccessEqual ADA Plugin Features

Our team of dedicated researchers and coders have built a very powerful ADA Plugin that will save you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to have the latest ADA plugin features. It’s easy as 1,2,3…

We have built our ADA plugin for many disabilities and truly make Access to your business’s website Equal!

How hard is it to install all these powerful ADA plugin features?
If you can cut and paste then you can add the ADA plugin to your website.

The ADA Plugin Features

Powerful features that will empower your websites visitors and protect your business.

increase text size

This will make the font size of your content larger on your website. They can make it as large as they need too.

All your disabled website visitor has to do is click the "increase text size" as many times as they need to make the font size as large as they need.

decrease text size

This will make the font size of the content on your website smaller. Each click will take the font size down one size.

increase text spacing

This feature will add text spacing between each word. Each click will increase the space.

decrease text spacing

This will decrease the spacing between words. Each click will decrease the spacing more.

invert colors

invert colors will instantly change the colors of your website to the opposite making it perfect for color blinded, hard to see and other disabled visitors.

gray hues

This feature will remove all color from your website and make them in grey hues.

underline lines

This feature will add under lines to every link on the page. Even those without underlines making them easy to find.

big cursor

This feature will make the mouse cursor very large making it easier to see. 

Clicking it again will disable the feature.

reading guide

This feature will add a guide line for easier reading.

Clicking it again disables the reading guide line.

text to speech

This feature will read the content on the page to your disabled website visitor.

speech to text

This feature will allow your disabled website visitor to enter content into your website via speech.


< The reset button is at the top right of the ADA plugin popup. Clicking the reset button removes any modifications your disabled website visitor has applied via the ADA plugin.

The ADA Plugin

The look and feel can be customized and easily installed, simply cut and paste two-lines of code and done!

ADA Plugin example

An example of the customizable ADA plugin popup.

Frequently Asked questions about our ADA Plugin

You simply have to signup for the AccessEqual ADA Plugin service and then go through the VERY simple setup process. We have a step by step video on YouTube.

If you can Cut and Paste, then you can do the install process.

Yes! But you will have to purchase multiple AccessEqual licenses.

Within a few minutes, typically 30 to 45 minutes if you have everything you need.

All you need

That’s it!

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