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Why wouldn’t you want a layer of protection from possible litigation? Can you afford to have the Department of Justice suing your business?
Learn more about ADA Lawsuits.

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    What does Equal mean?


    having the ability or resources to meet (a challenge)

    a person or thing considered to be the same as another in status or quality.

    For people who have disabilities using the internet can be challenging and have been forgotten on the modern internet and now is the time we fix that!

    We at Access Equal give you the “Resource” to give your website visitors what they need for equal access!

    Equal Access Plugin Features

    Some of the largest companies on in the USA have been sued and LOST to the Department of Justice (DOJ), do you think your company will be the one to win against the DOJ?

    Some companies recently sued.

    • Miami University
    • Carnival Cruise
    • H&R Block

    Learn more about ADA Lawsuits from the DOJ.

    Two-Lines of code! Just cut and paste the code within the header of your website.

    $39.99/month to as low as $29.99 for yearly contract price.

    Being disabled in a online world can be hard and when company owners don’t add the options needed to empower disabled users to enjoy the website the same way it can be frustrating. 

    Access Equal ADA plugin bridges the gap!

    Protect your business from lawsuits while empowering your websites visitors!

    There is no perfect solution due to the complexity of ADA Law, but making the effort is the key and we have the solution for that!

    Read more about recently ADA Lawsuits.

    ADA Lawsuits increase over lack of accessibility options

    You could get sued! The number of lawsuits is growing due to the lack of accessibility options!

    Does your company has more capital for lawsuits and a larger legal team then

    • Miami University
    • Carnival Cruise
    • H&R Block

    Just to name a few recent ADA Lawsuits!

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    More customizable
    Access to the code is an option
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    • Only $99.99/month on the yearly cost
    • All ADA Features included
    • Highly Customizable
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    • AccessEqual makes no guarantees on litigation protection or outcome.